About Lawco Fire Protection

Lawco Fire Protection, LLC., is a Fire Protection Subcontractor serving the entire state of Oregon. We are dedicated to quality, integrity and honesty while providing a superior product and performance that will satisfy our clients throughout any project.

We are a Small Business with over 25 years of combined experience in fire sprinklers and protection. Our personal attention to detail along with client satisfaction has been the main factor for our short term success of our company. We provide excellence in design and construction on a wide range of fire protection services.

Utilizing our own highly skilled team, we have become a respected company, with a reputation for competitive pricing and complete quality control at every stage of a project. We have successfully complete many installations at all residential, commercial and professional levels.

As a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NFIB, and Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are recognized as a very honest and knowledgeable source for information on all aspects of automatic fire sprinkler systems, and fire protection for a number of builders, manufacturers, professionals and consumers.

The fire protection industry has always been a ever changing field. New requirements are set in place frequently to ensure that the loss of life and property are kept to the lowest number possible. Let us help explain the purpose of these changes as well as explain to you how to cure any issues that you may have.